Pemberton based freelance photographer Peter Kovacsy

Peter is a freelance photographer specialising in black-and-white documentary, advertising, portrait, performing arts and editorial photography. He lives at Pemberton located in the Southern Forest & Valleys Region Western Australia.

I prefer not to stand out when on an assignment, the small form factor of the Leica M system is so understated that I don't look like a professional photographer.

 "For me shooting with a Leica M camera simplifies the picture taking process and forces me to concentrate on one thing. It may seem like an anachronism, but monochrome drives one towards seeing, composing and capturing images in a very different way." 

Peter Kovacsy B&W Wedding Photography
Show Reel Peter Kovacsy B&W Photography
Peter Kovacsy black and white wedding photography in Pemberton Australia
Pemberton Timber Mill | Peter Kovacsy Industrail Photography


Pemberton based freelance photographer Peter Kovacsy