Art Sculpture Design by Peter Kovacsy

Australian wood glass design studio
Peter Kovacsy is an artist, sculptor and designer, he works with glass, metal and wood. He makes large cast glass sculpture, designed to glow in natural light. Peter is internationally renown in visual arts, and for creative use of Australian timbers.

The Peter Kovacsy Studio is located at 89 Jamieson Street in Pemberton West Australia, it is generally open from 10am to 4pm Monday to Saturday. Please call 08 97761265 before your visit to confirm the Studio will be open.

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Peter also has a creative interest in traditional photography. And still prefers working with gelatin silver processing of black-and-white films and printing papers in a wet darkroom.
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Ben Kovacsy Artist Designer

In a post-industrial culture that romanticises the handmade, designers are being called upon to do something they haven't for a century – make stuff themselves.


Peter Kovacsy is represented in collections at the Art Gallery of Western Australia and the Detroit Institute of Art, USA.

In 1979 Peter moved to Pemberton to construct the rammed earth house he designed, to live in. 1989 saw his transition from a registered builder, to open what he then called the 'Woodcraftsman's Studio'. At the time primarily working with wood as a designer-maker and master craftsman. His first encounter with contemporary glass was in 1992 when he visited Design Visions, the Australian International Craft Triennial, at the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Peter's first hands-on experience with glass casting came in 1996 at Perth-based company HiGlass. Then in 2003 a local liturgical commission for decorative window panels provided the set-up resources to equip the studio with a glass fusing kiln. Today he operates the only privately-owned kiln in Western Australia capable of producing large scale cast glass sculpture.